THC-A Pre-Roll Cones





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Hawaiian Haze 1 blunt, Hawaiian Haze 4 blunts, Hawaiian Haze 10 blunts, THC-A 1 Pre-Roll Cone, THC-A 4 Pre-Roll Cones, THC-A 10 Pre-Roll Cones, Sour Lifter 1 blunt, Sour Lifter 4 blunts, Sour Lifter 10 blunts, Sour Special Sauce 1 blunt, Sour Special Sauce 4 blunts, Sour Special Sauce 10 blunts, BaOx 1 blunt, BaOx 4 blunts, BaOx 10 blunts, Elektra 1 blunt, Elektra 4 blunts, Elektra 10 blunts


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