Why Cannabetter?

How it started:

Our family founded CannaBetter.Farm for a very simple reason.

Somebody we love has a profound debilitating medical disorder. We live in a prohibition state. When we learned about new and exciting cannabis products, we began researching legal cannabis extensively. Over several years of sampling legal products from around the country, we found one that worked, sort of. Although it was terribly expensive, it was somewhat helpful in large, pricey portions.

And then the company changed its formula, and we were back to Square One. We believed deeply in cannabis. We already knew exactly what worked for our loved one. We had already determined that 100% of the dozens of the products we’d researched were highly diluted and impure. The seeds had been planted. We needed only to begin nurturing them toward harvest.

Farm Direct & Highly Concentrated

These products are offered to you in concentrated strengths and at bulk prices. If you compare the amount of cannabinoids in any of our products to those of any other product on the market, you will find that products from CannaBetter.Farm contain 5 to 20 times more.

Watered-down and over-processed products are sadly the norm in the vast majority of hemp and CBD merchandise that is currently on the market. You will not find any of that here. Our oils offer access to hemp extract at a deeply discounted rate. We cut our profit margins on these products to the bone so that we can get them to people who have been using ineffectual, highly diluted products from other manufacturers. One of our favorite products is our Carolina Crude, a really raw, magical extract oil, and we love seeing people try it for the first time. PLEASE stop by our store and let us show you what we have to offer.