Oils and Topicals

All hemp oil products from CannaBetter.Farm are 100% hemp-derived and Farm Bill compliant, containing only pure hemp extracts and isolates, and pure coconut MCT oil.

Because of their strength and concentration, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with our oils before making a purchase, and take a look at our COAs for cannabinoid breakdown.

Our products are as strong as it is actually possible to make them. When the ratio of cannabinoids to oil exceeds more than 30% or so, cannabinoids can “crash” out of oils and become ineffective. We aim for a concentrate of about 25% to prevent that “crash” in our hemp extract oils, and they are very powerful indeed.

These oils are the best value we offer; we cut the cost on them as much as we can, so we can make them affordable. Our products are value-priced because we want them to be accessible, and potent because we want them to be helpful.