THC-A Pre-roll

A fragrant 1 Gram THC-A pre-roll enhanced with THC-A Concentrate


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Hemp cones stuffed with our finely-ground THC-A flower.


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Hawaiian Haze 1g, Hawaiian Haze 3.5g, Hawaiian Haze 7g, Lifter 1g, Lifter 3.5g, Lifter 7g, Sour Lifter 1g, Sour Lifter 3.5g, Sour Lifter 7g, Sour Special Sauce 1g, Sour Special Sauce 3.5g, Sour Special Sauce 7g, BaOx 1g, BaOx 3.5g, BaOx 7g, Elektra 1g, Elektra 3.5g, Elektra 7g


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