Conway business selling hemp, CBD products to better lives, fight negative stigma

Brooke Holden with the Conway Chamber, April 30, 2022

Myrtle Beach, S.C. – We are here this week with Cannbetter.Farm with Matt and his team who’s going to talk to us about some of the new products that you have and how beneficial they are for many reasons.

“The Farm Bill in 2018 made a bunch of new products legal at the federal level and people are just now realizing that they’re available here in South Carolina. So there’s been a bit of a revolution, but it’s been kind of quiet. So we’ve wanted to let people know that we have new products that include gummies and hard candies that are delta-9 products,” said Campbell.

“They’re exactly what you would get in Colorado or California from a legal or recreational medical state. So they’re available to be used therapeutically or recreationally by South Carolina citizens. And here in Horry County this shop is sort of cutting edge in the state. I really feel like we have some excellent products that people will be very interested in.”

“In other states they have dispensaries and we operate in South Carolina as much as possible as a dispensary so everything is legal in South Carolina. People who struggle with sleep problems, mental health issues, anxiety, depression, those are excellent things to try cannabis for. People are familiar with cannabis, with edibles. They’re going to find excellent versions of them. People who’ve never tried them,  this is the best time you will ever have in South Carolina to try these new products.”

Campbell said, “You might have heard of delta-8, we have Delta-8 products. Delta-9, as I said, is the traditional cannabis ingredient in marijuana edibles. We just have a host of options and it would be great if people and let us explain those options.”



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