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CannaBetter.Farm Ltd. Co Wants to Partner with YOUR local business!

There Has been a Cannabis “Green Gold Rush” in almost every state. Now it’s South Carolina’s turn!

Partner with CannaBetter.Farm

We are reaching out to local business because we are hoping to partner for common benefit – for our company, for your company, and for our community. As our testimonials demonstrate, there is both need and demand for our products in the Palmetto State. If you are interested in offering CANNABETTER.FARM products in your store, or as part of your own current product offerings and services, please reach out and let’s work together to make it happen.

Cannabis-friendly lodging, event planners, travel coordinators, florists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, physical therapists, holistic medicine practitioners, gyms/physical trainers, and many other businesses can take advantage of the “gold rush” if they are forward-thinking and willing to recognize and take full advantage of the extraordinary interest in hemp products in this market. Catering companies, bakeries, food trucks, wedding planners, and others can bring exciting new products to their customers, providing unique experiences that cannot be matched by their competitors.

Do you have a non-profit? For veterans or people with medical needs or financial hardships we can offer EXTREMELY discounted products. We are willing to lose money on our products to get them into the hands of people who truly need them for relief of symptoms. Please reach out; we will do our best.

Finally, ANY company that partners with us will be offered every support we can manage, from a marketing perspective. Signage, social media, print, and radio and television advertising will help us get the word out. We are aggressive, creative, and unconventional in our approach to marketing, and we are happy to tell our own growing community about our affiliates and friends.

Our products are among the most highly concentrated on the market

At CANNABETTER.FARM, our products are of the very best quality, in the highest possible concentrations available on the market, at the most competitive prices. Everything is made for us to our exact specifications, and we make absolutely no compromise on quality.

The most popular hemp products on the market have a fraction of the potency of products from CANNABETTER.FARM.

For example, our Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate Oil is available in a 30ml bottle that contains 7,500mg of base concentrate.

By contrast, almost EVERY single 30ml bottle of broad-spectrum oil on the market today has substantially LESS base concentrate than ours. Some have only a fraction. Most 30ml bottles sold by our competitors have only 100-3,000mg of concentrate — including those marketed by America’s favorite cannabis comedian, Tommy Chong. The highest concentration we found was 5,000mg in a 30ml bottle.

Again, our oil has 10 to 30 times more hemp concentrate than ANY oil made by our competitors. Though we are a fairly new startup, still making updates to our website and our product line, we aim to be “first in class” and “best in show” in every product we carry at the national level, and we are very close to meeting that goal.

Where do YOU fit in?

As new products become available, business owners must make decisions: Do I want to be a part of what is happening? Is my company a good fit for this situation? Can we make money if we embrace change?

Many South Carolina businesses are making significant money in new ways, with hemp-derived products made legal by the 2018 Farm Bill, and with new clients and new opportunities.
With one quick visit to a local convenience mart or beachwear store, it’s easy to see that the market is flooded with low-quality, high-priced, hemp-based CBD, Delta 9, and Delta 8 products. This means there’s PLENTY of room for super-premium, high-quality products at prices that are incredibly attractive to both visitors and locals.
We are reaching out to any business owners on the Grand Strand and the rest of the Palmetto State, any business owners who believe their services or operations may have synergy with our completely legal hemp-based products.

Our store, CANNABETTER.FARM, is owned by a local family and led by a combat veteran. We are completely committed to giving our customers access to the finest quality, most highly concentrated all-natural products on the market. We hope to connect with like-minded businesses in the area in hopes of getting our products out into the community, where they can truly help people.

The 2018 Farm Bill made many new hemp products legal, and the full ramifications of the new laws are now becoming apparent. According to Forbes, CBD sales in the U.S. hit $4.6 billion in 2020, just two years after hemp-derived cannabinoids were federally legalized. A U.S. market of $15-20 billion is projected by 2025. It isn’t a disreputable “fringe” market, either. CBD consumers are an average age of 40, have higher education, and are more likely than non-consumers to be employed full-time.
With a huge spike in hemp product consumers, we are ready to help forward-thinking local businesses find their own new opportunities with the CANNABETTER.FARM line of best-in-market products.

Completely positive testimonials!

Here are a few testimonials from some of our customers, real people who have found relief and comfort in our products. We have not had a single negative review since we opened our doors last August. We believe that our overwhelmingly positive testimonials are a sure sign that we are doing something right.

“I suffer from many disabilities due to my military service and two deployments. I’ve tried almost every shop in the area, and I think I have found THE ONE. ☆☆☆☆☆”
–Customer LaDerrick W., Facebook review

“This is an amazing place with incredible products. Their CBD products have been a lifesaver for my chronic migraines and injuries from being a dancer.”
–Customer Taylore B., Yelp review

“I can’t say enough good things about the products I’ve been using! I wouldn’t wish the pain I was going through on my worst enemy. Then my sister told me about this dispensary and to give them a try. Best decision ever!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”
–Customer Deborah T., Google review

“Never had I been treated so well by a business. They really know the ins and outs of their products. Every purchase I’ve made from CannaBetter.Farm has exceeded my expectations. They’ve got a customer for life.”
–Customer Robert H., ???????????? review

“I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Great customer service and quality products. My mom has cancer and she uses these products to keep from getting sick and to keep from being on a lot of pharmaceutical drugs. It is amazing what this company has created and the good they’re doing for the people and our city of Myrtle Beach.”
–Customer Ashley M., ???????????? review

“Your South Carolina Crude Oil is the best product I have found for this old guitar player.” –Customer Jeb W., website review

“If I could give this place 10 stars I would. They have a wide variety of options for your specific needs. Customer service is above and beyond. They are very informative and helpful. Could not ask for a better experience every time I go. Highly recommend.”
–Customer Rick V

One last thing…

Our family has lived in the Myrtle Beach area for decades; perhaps you’ve lived here for a long time, too. If so, you might remember when poker machines and game rooms were legal on the Grand Strand. Do you know any business owner who regrets having poker machines during that time?

This is the same sort of opportunity – new and quite different, unfamiliar, and interesting. In a world ravaged by excessive opioid use, more and more Americans are turning to non-traditional products for relief and comfort. The possibility and promise of fully legal hemp-based products intrigues and excites both Grand Strand visitors and residents alike.
It’s a new “Green Gold Rush,” and it’s here in South Carolina. Let’s talk about how YOUR business can benefit from new opportunities with our fully legal, highly-concentrated, best-in-market hemp-based products.

Please reach out to us at or (843) 467-4899 with your questions, comments, and ideas, or visit our flagship store at CANNABETTER.FARM at the Forestbrook Food Lion Plaza, 3481 Belle Terre Boulevard Suite B4, in Myrtle Beach.

We look forward to hearing from our fellow forward-thinking and creative members of the Grand Strand business community. Let’s make it happen!

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